From Bill Kelley - Owner/Operator MEW

" I want Mobile
  Electronics World
  to be your
  most trusted
  resource for
  finding quality
  gear to fit
  your mobile
  lifestyle. "
"I really love the support I get whenever I need it."

Tom, Marketing Specialist
Plano, Texas More

The time has come to plan for your next endeavor into the world of high performance car audio, and we hope you will include Mobile Electronics World.

We’ve been working nonstop to bring you the best lines the industry has to offer, including exciting new products with installer-friendly new features, and web-based resources.

MOBILE ELECTRONICS WORLD brings together everything you need to succeed, including strong brands, payment terms, the best technical support, warranty and customer care, plus same day shipping—it’s all-inclusive.

We offer a 100% compatibility guarantee. Talk about a win-win situation! The bottom line is, we want MOBILE ELECTRONICS WORLD to be the first company you call, and the key business partner you can count on. Whether you are a new client, or one of our valued long-time customers, we want you to know that this company has your back.

Mobile Electronics World is launching the most innovative and exciting new bumper to bumper system design studio in our company’s history during the coming months. We’re testing it before you buy it. Every model and every sku get installed into a vehicle weeks (and sometimes months) before they are endorsed by our tech department and listed on our site. Products are tested in real world applications for which they are designed as well as improvised situations the manufacturers had never envisioned.

"When our advisors are not helping to answer your questions they are in the installation bay practicing their trade."

Sales Support

We give our staff the tools and encouragement they need to custom-tailor solutions for our customers. That applies just as much after the sale as it does beforehand. Helping people install and operate their gear is as important as helping them choose it. Service isn't seen as 'overhead' here, it's all part of the fun we have helping people.

Online Resources

SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO is an all new program which pairs up each client with an advisor that will become their sole contact within the company. This advisor will have experience directly relating to the nature of the inquiry. We believe this helps to provide a more satisfying experience as well as ensuring individual customer goals are reached.


Mobile Electronics World employs a staff of MECP certified professionals. As a pioneering force in OEM integration technology, we are adding new vehicles to our database every month. Through the aid of tools such as digital voltage multi-meters, real time spectrum analyzers, and direct access to manufacturer vehicle wiring schematics, we provide accurate and reliable information.